What Are Mini Crawler Tracks?

  • Monday, 10 April 2023
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What Are Mini Crawler Tracks?

Mini Crawler Tracks are a type of track system that can be attached to a wheeled vehicle for added crawler tracks They are most commonly used in construction, energy or general maintenance sectors and are capable of working on almost any ground surface thanks to the specially designed track properties.

Depending on its design, a track can be categorized as dead or live track. Generally, a length of dead track left on the ground will lie flat, while a length of live track will curl upward slightly at each end. This is to prevent the track from slipping or dragging on the ground.

A drive sprocket is inserted into the end of each link to transfer power from a motor to the track. In military vehicles, a drive sprocket is usually fixed at a height well above the contact area with the ground. A non-powered wheel, called an idler, is also positioned at the end of each link to tension the track.

There are several different types of track systems, including those made of metal and plastic. Both have their advantages, but a metal track offers the best traction on soft soils and gravel. It is often recommended that a track system with steel tracks be used for applications where the load weight exceeds 15,000 kg and when the track is exposed to rough subsoils.

The first continuous track was invented in 1905 by a British agricultural company. It was patented by the Hornsby firm in Grantham. It differed from modern tracks in that it flexed in only one direction and had a lockable feature.

Although not as popular as its predecessor, a continuous track still exists today. It is found in many industrial and commercial vehicles as well as a few military applications.

A slack track is another type of track design that allows the track to droop and run along the top of large road wheels. Some slack track designs have return rollers to keep the track running straight between the drive sprocket and idler.

This product is a great choice for indoor or outdoor adventures. Its scale looks and ready to go simplicity make it easy for new crawlers to get started.

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