Undercarriage Spare Parts

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Undercarriage Spare Parts

Undercarriage spare parts are crucial for heavy equipment that needs to move and haul massive amounts of material.undercarriage spare parts They are also important for minimizing the costs associated with repairs and maintenance. The undercarriage can account for half or more of your equipment's lifetime repair bill.

Undercarriages for excavators, tracked dumpers and other construction equipment are often made up of several different components.undercarriage spare parts These include sprockets, idlers, track links, bushings and bearing races. They must all be in good condition to operate efficiently, and they should be checked regularly for wear, damage and lubrication loss.


A worn out sprocket will affect the driving of the track chain, which can cause abrasion and wear to pins, bushings and the bearing races. This can lead to increased repairs and replacements, so it is essential to check them on a regular basis.


Idlers are a key undercarriage component, and can be broken or damaged with age, shock or lubricant loss. They are usually made of cast iron or steel, and can be replaced if needed.


The undercarriage is made up of a number of different rollers, including top rollers and bottom rollers, which are typically oil-filled and need to be checked for leaks or worn out bearing races periodically. They can be replaced if necessary, although it is usually more cost effective to replace the entire unit.


Undercarriages for tracked dumpers, excavators and other heavy equipment are often made up of multiple tracks, each with their own sprockets. These sprockets can be worn out, chipped or broken, and will add to the wear and tear of the other parts.

Track tension is a vital part of the undercarriage system, and it must be maintained in order for your tracked dumper or excavator to operate efficiently. Putting too much or too little tension on the tracks will have a negative effect on the operation of the machine and can lead to premature wear on the undercarriage.

Recoil assemblies

A recoil assembly is another undercarriage component that should be checked regularly, and should be changed if it becomes damaged. It may need to be changed out if it has a damaged piston rod, or the grease seals become worn or cracked.

Other undercarriage components that should be checked frequently are pins, bushes and greaser valves. These can be worn out by lack of lubrication or can lead to a stretched chain from an extended track pitch, which can result in expensive repairs and replacements.

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