How to Get the Most Out of Dozer Undercarriage Cost

  • Wednesday, 19 April 2023
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How to Get the Most Out of Dozer Undercarriage Cost

Dozer undercarriage cost can be a significant portion of the overall cost of operating a tracked machine.dozer undercarriage cost That is why it's crucial for owners and operators to take care of their equipment's undercarriage.

Proper undercarriage selection, operation and maintenance can reduce the overall wear on a dozer's undercarriage and help extend its life.dozer undercarriage cost By choosing the right shoe width, a good balance of standard and premium options for rollers, idlers and chains and scalable solutions from delivered kits for do-it-yourself service to flexible dealer service, it's possible to get the most out of your dozer undercarriage.

Choose the right undercarriage for the job

Depending on the type of ground an operator works on, a proper undercarriage choice can improve machine balance and safety while reducing the risk of damage.dozer undercarriage cost The right undercarriage also helps to ensure proper alignment of the track and prevents sagging. A properly sized undercarriage can also improve productivity, especially in heavy-duty applications like excavating and backhoeing.

Maintain a healthy undercarriage: Keep the tracks clean and free of large rocks, mud or other debris that can cause the tracks to get clogged. This can accelerate track wear and cause problems with steering, braking and driving. To avoid this, Caterpillar recommends power washing the tracks on a regular basis and using an optional undercarriage cover or guard during long periods of idle time to help protect against dirt buildup and reduce the wear on components.

Monitor track tension: Having the track tension in a range that's appropriate for the conditions on the ground can make a significant difference in dozer undercarriage performance and service life. Check track tension regularly and consult your owner's manual to determine the correct setting for your machine.

Don't spin the tracks: Spinning speeds up undercarriage wear and can cause cuts. Train operators to use techniques that don't spin the tracks during digging and loading operations. Changing direction while moving in reverse can also cause undercarriage wear, Nenne said.

Control the track system: Adjusting track tension and adjusting shank angle are critical for a healthy undercarriage, Nenne says. "When you do this, you're going to get more traction, and the machine will work better."

Limit high-speed reverse movement: Nenne said that traveling in reverse while running a dozer on its tracks can wear bushings at an alarming rate. He said a system that allows an operator to limit this movement, such as SystemOne, can cut undercarriage wear in half.

Consider the type of ground you work on: If you're working in sand or rocky soil, it's a good idea to choose an undercarriage with more wear material and beefier construction, such as Cat SES shoes for D11 dozers.

Increase the track width: A larger track width will provide more surface area for the tracks to contact the ground, thereby maximizing the amount of ground pressure that a dozer can apply. This increases traction and reduces wear on the tracks, as well as the dozer's fuel usage and exhaust emissions.

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