Caterpillar Undercarriage Assurance Program

  • Sunday, 02 April 2023
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Caterpillar Undercarriage Assurance Program

The undercarriage on your machines plays a big role in the uptime and profitability of your construction project.caterpillar undercarriage It helps reduce fatigue and increase productivity. But an improperly managed undercarriage can add up to more than half of your machine maintenance costs.

Caterpillar engineers have a full suite of undercarriage options that are designed to work best with specific application demands and conditions.caterpillar undercarriage And with worldwide dealer support and a Caterpillar Undercarriage Assurance program, you get the protection you need to lower your operating costs while getting the most return on your undercarriage investment.

Undercarriage Selection Tools for Optimal Performance and Cost Per Hour

The right undercarriage option for your specific machine model and work application can significantly lower your O&O costs, extending equipment uptime and adding to your bottom line.caterpillar undercarriage When you consult with your Cat dealer about options, they use the undercarriage knowledge and selection tools to help identify the right one for your machine and your job.

Undercarriage Wear Patterns That Can Affect Uptime

Undercarriage parts and assemblies are subject to wear and tear as you operate your heavy equipment, says Tim Nenne, senior market professional for undercarriages at Caterpillar.caterpillar undercarriage A number of factors can contribute to undercarriage wear, including the type of application, underfoot conditions and machine operation.

Examples of undercarriage wear patterns that can affect uptime include excessive track slippage and backdragging.caterpillar undercarriage These activities increase load and accelerate wear on the sprockets, idlers and track pads. In addition, dirt and clay that collects on the undercarriage can hide grease leaks and cover up zerks, which can also increase undercarriage wear.

In addition, when the undercarriage isn’t working correctly, it can lead to increased machine downtime. A faulty link or a sprocket that is slipping can cause the operator to stop the machine and move it backward instead of forward. Taking the time to plan each pass can help keep wear levels in check, says Nenne.

The most critical undercarriage component is the sprocket. It is the only point of contact between the wheels and the ground. This is where the most wear occurs, explains Nenne. If your sprocket is worn, you can lose up to 50 percent of its effective life.

Another critical undercarriage component is the bushing. It is where the sprocket engages, and it is the only part of the undercarriage that can be re-lubricated. Using a re-lubricant can help extend undercarriage life by slowing the rate of wear and reducing wear particles on the sprocket, according to Nenne.

Other key undercarriage components that can impact wear rates are the track pad and shoes, which can be re-sealed or replaced. Re-sealed tracks and shoes can improve the longevity of the undercarriage and decrease downtime by preventing the buildup of dirt, clay and other debris on the track.

A common way to extend undercarriage life is to adjust the track tension to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your tracks are too tight, the excess stress can lead to wear on bushings, sprockets and links, increasing your costs per hour.

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